Is That Really You?


I wake up every morning asking myself Is that really you?

Why was I born this way?

all these flaws I see in the mirror looking at myself

could I change these flaws?

looking at those girls in the magazines makes me wonder everyday could I be like them someday

pictures, pictures, pictures

look at all those blemishes

should I show everyone my imperfection?

thinking, filter or no filter

pounding extreme amounts of this cover up we call makeup

hiding the real me behind this makeup

The real me....

that crazy girl with a billion imperfections

innocence that little innocence we tend to hold back with a new image

trying to impress this world with what they want to see

But I want them to see what I see

I am me

that same girl in those filtered pictures hiding shame, sorrow,and embarrassment

oh, this low self esteem

oneday I hope to break this wall of mine;

crush it, demolish it, disappear it

why can't I just accept myself


being judged everywhere I go

this filter... this filter gives me hope and happiness

that oneday I shall walk away from caring what others think

this ignorant world, all this ignorance, not knowing my story

but oneday I shall walk with pride and joy

for being me

I am me

I am unique

that flower growing in a desert

I am me

I am unique

No filter could ever change the real me










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