Jessica (noun.) A person:female,

Age: You never ask for a women's age, *cough cough* 90's kid *cough cough*

Weight: You never ask for a women's weight, ( but for Tae Kwon Do competitions:125lb)

Height: 5'4ft, (I'm not short...I'm England)

Home: ? ( lived in 8 different countries, 12 different houses, all are home, all are not)

But I am not just facts,

I am fiction,

How to Train Your Dragon: both the books and the movie, ( Hiccup's adventure and Toothless' sass)

The Little Mermaid: singing and swimming, ( also the reason I dyed my hair red when I was 5, hoping to become a mermaid)

Hannibal: t.v. show, ( there is darkness in all of us, but there is also beauty in the darkness)

But I am not just fiction,

I am places,

England: total time add up 8 years ( cause the love of fish and chips)

Germany: total time add up 5 years (cause the love of nature and snow ball fights)

America: total time 2 years (cause the love of the heat and the beach)

But I am not just places, 

I am people,

Mom: taught me the truth of life (fight for want you want)

Dad: taught me how to fight ( a black belt for a father, what did you expect)

Best Friend: taught me who to fight for (they help give meaning to life)

But I am not just people,

I am me,

with a sweet tooth, ( that usually causes me trouble)

with long hair, ( that my friend love to braid and pull)

with curiosity, ( that make me want to understand the world)

I am



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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