A Year

I was only fifteen, no fifteen year old should go through it. 

No fifteen year old should be left withou a mother. 

A fifteen year old should no have delt with a alcoholic father. 

No fifteen year old should be getting drunk or high. 

It is her fault she got raped. 

She could have been sober, she could have said no.

It's just the fact she has daddy issues.

She should have known her mother wouldn't have wanted that. 


It was always my fault. Now I am sixteen.

It has been a year, a year since this all happened. 

No one saw how it affected me, just had fingers pointed blaming me. 

Now I am only sixteen, and living a life I call; my walking tragedy. 

And when they found out. 

Oh , when everyone around me found out. 

The handed me pills, pills to make it all better. 

And sent me to people to talk to, explain my story again? 

Everyone expect to much from one year. 


It was a year, I am still broken, I am not okay. Please darling understand it wasn't you I blame. I blame myself still. After a year I still blame myself. 


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