No One Like ME


We were born,

Into a world that is clearly torn,

By the concepts of love and hate.

We soon forget to appreciate

What we have and what is given.

We let others affect our own decisions,

Of what and who to be.

One day I'll realize

There is no one like me.


Fighting a war no one can win,

When we all live in a world of sin.

Judging one by his actions,

Its all one big distraction,

Of what we dont know.

Most are afraid to show

Who and what they are

Because of the worlds perception of what to be.

But I know there is no one like me.


So today I stand proud

Of who I am and what I've become

A shining star, my mom calls me.

I am not afraid of what others think.

I am Breonna Dominique.

And there is NO ONE LIKE ME!



MVP-Most Valuable Poet

well said

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