Black Mask

Some say I’m intelligent

But I just feel irrelevant

Some say I’m well-spoken

But they haven’t seen the side of me still broken

The broken side


With all the despise

And all the bad lies

And all the sad cries


Unforgotten horrors silently creep into my head

Filling it with thoughts that were left unsaid

But unsaid thoughts that were left undead

The broken side with a vacant soul

That in my heart bore a hole

A hole filled with nothing but empty dark space

But no one can see it in my face


Hidden horrors of the dark past

Lurking under this black mask

This black mask with one task

Covering up the dark past


It’s like a cure

A cure that hid the flaws

The underlying scars

The sharp claws

These claws I could feel scraping every living thing inside of me

Every thing became the epitome of hostility

And I just couldn’t be free


But the black mask always came to the rescue

Hiding everything from view

But what if this black mask and all the lies it made

Suddenly began to fade


This poem is about: 
Our world


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