Love For You

I love you from the bottom of my heart

With everything in my soul

You make me smile when I see you

Just being friends makes me feel whole


Everybody around me keeps telling me I'm wrong

They tell me I'm imagining my feelings

But I know that they are real

as real as the sky above the ceilings


I know you don't know how I feel

and i dont think I could ever tell you

because youre in love with someone else.

I still want to tell you, but I dont know how to


I sit next to you on those blue chairs

and you smile at me and say hello 

I feel like crying and Im not sure why

but your eyes only make my love for you grow


I dont think you will ever see how much you mean to me

and it breaks my heart that you wont ever know

that you make me want to be a better person

even when life is at it's low


Even if I never tell you this

Just know that these words are in my mind

I will never forget them, and I will never forget you

and I will never leave the story of you behind


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