It found me

Words once swam around my

Skin and danced across my

Fingers and sung melodies I

Couldn't understand


It was wonderful when

My teacher told me I could

Keep them like

Memories in a box with

Paper and pen


And so I let them pour out

The words screamed like rockets from

My fingers and filled my soul

With a meaning I'd never had


I cannot think like other people

Do I can only think in poetry it

Flows from my lips from

My eyes from 

My tongue and I cannot find

A way to make it stop because I

Am in love with it


Poetry, oh poetry is

The inscription of my heart in

A way I can understand

Poems decorate my school books,

A cloak around my desk and shelves

On tattered pieces of napkins on

Torn corners of books and

Tests and homework it is



These poems I have written

And the poems I read I drink in

Like an addiction to starlight

Mean everything to me

I am a poem

I am poetry.

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