Just a Band Girl

Wed, 01/07/2015 - 19:34 -- tlang


With filters, I may look "girlie" 

I may look happy and carefree. 

Therefore, you may not think of me as a band "dork"

How can I be a marching band girl with good looks?

On the field, I am an entirely different person. 

Unfortunately, I am most likely crying. 

That is the truth, I cry and scream. 


Funny how that is without filters, being hidden out of sight. 

I am crying because marching season is over

Laughing because I had such a good time

That I cannot believe I had. 

Even my band members can't cheer me up.

Rarely, I do not cry over football games. 

Sadly, that is all I do these days. 

  being a band girl can be depressing. 


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