Autumn Sunshine


Autumn Sunshine


“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,

you make me happy when skies are gray”

Those are the words my mother used to say,

I was her sunshine . . .

Funny how I never seen the sun shine.

Love in her words but no Love in her touch,

The Truth never did Hurt so much,

Grew cold in the absence of Love.

Grew cold,

In the absence of Love.


Mother gave birth but did not give me Life,

Childhood was robbed, a thief in the night,

The Pain lingers, but yet, never leaves,

Became seasoned, to the cold world,

And empty as Autumn trees.

Still I show the world Blue Skies,

I guess I am the Sunshine . . .

This life I live, in disguise,

The Love I Lost, my Heart is hidden,

The world is my stage,

And I play perfect.

Will removing the curtain,

Ever be worth it?


A childhood soul with nobody,

Detached from emotion,

A soul with no body.

I rose amongst thorns,

But show the world my petals,

Roots to the Garden,

Raindrops drip,

But never settle,

                         -Andrew Richmond






lol thanks?


I like it


Thank you!


Really good rhythm!


Thank you, 


I totally agree, the rhythm is amazing. It just flows so well!


I felt the beginning was really good, but when you got to "...a childhood soul with nobody...", I felt as if you started a new poem. I really like your poem though.


Hmm thanks, this is actualy the first poem I've really took time to write/put effort into. The honesty means alot, now that you say it I  see what you mean. Thank you though.


There is so much emotion in this I love your beautiful words and don't worry I'm sure you will find a new sunshine who will keep your days bright keep writing


Fucking genuis I love it 

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