inner knowledge reveals history


Robert Belano once said:
“For a long time, I stopped existing.”
And the pages of a blank book,
Brought me back from the dead
As I scrawled Sanskrit
Against the sands of an hourglass
What I was searching for-
I’m not exactly sure, But,
I’m assuming I was looking for myself.
So I look into a cracked mirror
And find resemblance to
The thin line of silver
Reflecting a shadow
Leik a cloud of hope,
But when it rains it pours.
And the tears that fall from my irises
Are temporary.
If only I was ordinary.
Sometimes I forget what an emerald I can be.
Hidden underneath my report card filled with B’s
And my average qualities.
But I am not a diamond in the rough,
More leik the rough side of a
Violent tide that sends my
Sanity on a life raft out to find my thoughts.
Beckoning the way home through the lighthouse beacon.
I am lost.
Now, not all who wander are lost
But I don’t wander
I wonder.
Engrave the words in my forearm and watch me bleed out
I wish to travel the world
To see what a gem it could be.
And yet sometimes, it strikes tragedy.
The globe still revolves around an axis when
A finger nail breaks.
Not so much when the-
Earth shakes,
But sometimes I just need to
Remind myself that I am alive.
So I’ll buy a ticket elsewhere online on an airline
Where maybe I can find what I’m searching for.
The easiest way to get from one place to another
Is through a story
Loose your mind,
But I’ve already lost mine.
So I’ll just
Backtrack the time lapse
And click reset
I’ll just run.
Across the map of the United States
Until my bones feel united in place
And I feel as one.
I’ll see the mountain tops.
Find Hermes and let him guide me to Olympus
I am a God.
Prometheus shoots fire in my veins.
But don’t shoot the messenger
Because it’s hard to fly without wings on your feet.
I’ll go to Greece
Wrapped in white robes and parsley
Challenging the eye of the tiger and bringing him home with me.
Tame the Beast
Athena, give me strength,
Because I want to see beauty that makes my knees weak.
The coliseums and mausoleums
Inspire me
Giza Stonehenge and alien conspiracy theories
Make me question reality
The Earth is only 4.54 billion years old
She’s just a baby
And there’s still so much to see.
My reflection doesn’t cage me
Break down my insecurities
And build up ancient history.
When I look in the mirror ill smile at what I see.
Ill go by train.
And when I finally leave.
The words falling on deaf ears will be:
“Don’t think I’m going out to find myself though,
I already know who I am.”
And you know what?
That’s all right with me.
knowing yourself is hide and seek,
face your history when you find carefree


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