The Endless Growth

I am a fleeting fragment

Of an image of my perceived world.
I gather a breathe.
When walking with a regulating flow,
Life is movement itself.
I don’t have time to stop,
And don't have to investigate evidence to prove lies are false.
When there are so many more ways to believe.

Don’t shut down a pile of little progressions.
Nothing is a waste.
Live and admit that life is your individual chance.
You will be by me and everyone’s side.
Until the day you leap for the edge in fear,
Shall you fall to the depths.

Its a new year and there is no such thing as fate.
Even if you get smart enough to hack through life,
it will bleed before your brain without meaning.
When you build up all your stamina,

You may find that the road ends when death is born.
In raising your material possessions to achieve security,
You will gain everything but what is free of domination.
You will never find your dreams coming true,

Until the day you choose to awaken.


I long to sleep hours of a dream.

I long to wake up on a day of freedom.

I want to live once in my life,

before death and beyond birth.

To wander to the shadows, shining

'Till the bitter end.

Life is defined by our nightmares and dreams.

We create our own little realities.

We are only alive when we have awakened at the core.

So listen to your calling.


It takes a fall to be grounded,

A leap to feel the rush.

We must feel pain
In order to grow our wings.


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My country
Our world
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