Love Every Day


United States
39° 53' 59.3052" N, 86° 14' 10.2264" W

Every day we are awakened by the alarming clock.
Every moment should be great.
Don't misuse love, because others don't get the love.

During school or work, don't take anything for granted, because someone would love to be you.
Don't take advantage of all the resources you have, because others would die to have them.
Always find encouragement, even when the night falls in,
And don't let your guard down.

When you've tried to escape the stress, balance yourself neatly on the ground,
It doesn't take too long for someone to knock you down of your hopes.
When every day passes by, get stronger and grow mentally and verbally.
Keep growing 'till you can't grow no more.

Every day, something happens; good or bad.
When you've found your rightful place, make the difference,
And spill out the love for another day.


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