There once was a blonde girl whose color came from a bottle,

She was quite scrawny like the body of a model,

She'd never say that or admit to it all,

But it was true- her size was not fair at all.


Consumed by her music, she tried to play it safe,

Her favorite out of everything was always the bass.

She was a strange one at times, for the first thing she saw

Was always their teeth and their "teeny- tiny" flaws.

Braces had made her teeth all straight and neat,

So when she looked upon others for her it was quite a feat.


Call her judgmental or whatever you want,

She was never, ever one to flaunt.

Once she stood alone and accused of huffing.

When really, the reality was she struggled with cussing.

But she was proud for she had overcome.

She was 3 years sober since she uttered one.


She sang loudly and quite frequently,

She drives away each day in her "yellow limousine."

If you look and see, you'll realize deep down this girl is just




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