Mirroring Reality

Looking through glass

I see me looking back at me

Both seem so real

With everything that I see


Reality is only challenged

By the thought of what if

As we’re seeing all of our lives

Playing out like a gif


I reach out for my hand

But my twin does not flinch

Waving my body all around

But she still doesn’t move an inch


I think back on my reality

Of what makes me who I am

All the times that I went from loving

To not thinking to give a damn


The way I shine in a spotlight

But shy away from seeking eyes

From laughing throughout the day

While the midnight moon hears my cries


Reading to escape the day

Yet writing to embrace the night

Speaking of love and acceptance

But always with inspiration to fight


Wanting nothing more than to run

But no energy to get out

Having my heart SET on something

But deciding to go without


A loving sister

And a loyal friend

Or a raging monster

With hate of no end


I see the life in both eyes

But which form is real

Is it the one torn by emotion

Or the one who simply does not feel


Reality is a game

Of pick that and choose this

But it all boils down into one

A unique soul impossible to miss


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