This Mask of Mine


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Behind this mask,

No one can tell,

How I play this role so well,

   Behind this mask,

Things you would never believe,

Stuff your eyes will never conceive,

   With this mask,

I put on a huge show,

My audience will never know,

   With this mask,

People don’t know me,

They only know what they can see,

   My mask can hide a lot,

Such as the anger, my fears

And sometimes even the tears.

   My mask can hide a lot,

Not just anything to hide,

But this deep dark side,

    I can be whoever I want to be

A super hero, or a villain

Maybe even a millionaire making a killing

   I can be whoever I want to be,

I can change myself oh so swell,

The ones who know me best don’t even know me well

    Funny thing is,

You can know me,

But in reality you don’t even know me,

   Funny thing is,

I don’t even know,

But I can’t stop this show.

   Is it true,

That character can’t be real,

Or is that some crazy ideal.

   Is it true,

That I am not alone,

And that my purpose isn’t unknown

   A mask is more than just a shield

It’s like you are fighting yourself on the battle field.

   At the end of the show.

You can sit and stair for a while

But you will never understand that this mask is only my smile. 

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