Somebody of Me

Not one of the Me's

-But all of the Me's

All of the different variations of I

-All of the I's in me- 

Only one you will see.

Only one that will stop,

While the rest continue on by. 

Strangers they'll stay, 

Until we morph one day,

When my freedom is ready to fly. 

And when all of the different variations of you finally blend, too

-We will be one of a kind-

But until then, 

All of your Me's,

And all of my I's,

Stand blindly side by side. 


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Our world
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Who are you? Are you the same person you are with your parents as with your friends? I believe everybody has multiple versions of themselves, versions that uniquely mend with the person we are surrounding ourselves with. Who are you when you're with yourself, though? Do you even know?  Here's my thought; all of those "versions" of yourself mix together to create one, versatile, and unique human. This poem is about getting to know and embracing yourself  as a whole as you grow and understanding that that is what everybody around you is also doing. 

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