Self-Serving Community Service

Tue, 08/05/2014 - 21:46 -- 1456614


All of us.

Pretending to unite in a commmon cause

When really that cause is just

Another picture for our decopage

Line on a resume

Glitter for our own parade.

We volunteer our time

Donate our money

Give of ourselves 

Just hoping to get back for ourselves

Anytime we're feeling lonely.

We give to recieve




To add to our selfish story

To add another story to our selfish building.

To one day make a selfsih city

Where we will plaster our

Most magnificent selfie 

On the side of our entire selfish cityscape.

Eventually we'll get so selfish

We'll sue the local shellfish for plagarism.

"Nobody better come to my name

Close to touching my fame

Try testing my game

And I will END you.

That came out wrong.

I didn't mean to threaten you,

Just need credit where my credit is due.

Give me what I deserve

What I think I've earned 

And I'm on my selfish way."


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