If It Be Love

Your silouette was an outline of time, as if time had decided to develop a tongue to speak only in shadow, only of shade. I've never met the future, and the past has since abandoned me, but in you I see each minute of my life laid out on that old poker table. A dandelion of age set my heartbeat in line, a flower of disarray rekindling the hum doe beat, to and fro, to and fro. You were time where there was no space, no space to breathe, no space for me, you were the time lived by junk drawers and molded through picture frames. You were time when time had since abandoned itself, you were a paradox, paradoxes were never possible. I trust you to break me, you break my trust in you. You're the worst best I've ever had. I hope you'll never leave, always stay.

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