You ask me who am I

I’m the expression of beauty seen only by few,

the splattered paint people call art

1 in 3 billion

a speck on the planet

observant, taking in visions of a warped perspective

through my lenses

blinding myself only seeing light

I’m wise as an elder 

yet naive like a child

constantly in a choke hold with reality

a person with dreams to feed the people

knowledge, hope

to get another tomorrow

the kind of tomorrow most take for granted

targeting the people who  you can’t even imagine walking in their shoes

because they’re barefoot

I’m an outgoing introvert

the kind of person who’s 

connected to everyone, but 

always alone

the person you can always rely on

strong in heart and and trembling w/ burden

but aren’t we all? 

I’m precious because of the fact that it’s my name 

I have only a flow

only a passion of electricity

escaping through an outlet of pen and paper

a smile always plastered on my face

most don’t really know

what I am thinking doesn’t show

forever lost in things that are beautiful

you ask who am I? 

well, I guess I simply am. 

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