It's difficult when you're surrounded by people who love you, but who know you so well they are no longer interested.

It's difficult when you're in your prime, but it doesn't really matter because you don't do anything that requires it.

It's almost unbearable when you're life is almost perfect, but all you can think about is the small percentage that makes it "almost".

It's almost unbearable to be pretty good at a lot of things but never quite good enough and never very good at anything.

It's discouraging when you feel like you're running just to keep pace with everyone else's walk, and forcing a smile to hide it.

It's discouraging when you have long-term plans, but few short-term motivators. Like climbing a mountain focused on the summit rather than the journey.

It's terrifying to think life will pass you by and you won't ever be someone's center; that the one person out there who might be right isn't really there at all.

It's terrifying when you know who you are but can't express that person to others, and all you can do is watch as they respond to you like the person they think you are.

It's helpless when no one sees you, and yet everything is fine.


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