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I am not the sway of my hips, i am not a fully figured women with a nice waist and sweet lips. You can compliment me on the texture of my hair, compliment me on the color of my skin. But to know me is to know the person deep within. I am not the color of my eyes, i am not the size of my breasts, i am not how thick my thighs are, i am not how big my ass is. To know me is to know that there is more to me than just my physical beauty.

I am not the barrage of insults you may throw my way, i am not my race, i am not my religion. I am not what YOU think i should be. Those things do not define me as a human being.

When God created me, he created a person who is ambitious, who has drive, who has what it takes to be a leader, a person who cares about more than herself.

I am strong, i am wise, i stand for what i believe in. Yes i can be sassy, let's not forget classy. I am brave because when times got rough i never gave up.

Your are not God,so what you may think of me quite frankly doesn't matter. My physical attributes are nothing brand new. I am not the first women nor the last to walk around with swaying hips,sweet lips, thick thighs, brown eyes,long hair, a round behind, an African American, a Baptist, a "fat" women and a young black girl from the ghetto. Those things do not define me as a human being.
By: Saleena Bullard

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