When All Else is Lost

The night is black as the Dead Sea,

As waves of emotions crash over me.

The stars glisten in the skies above,

As I wish for only a taste of love.


To a dear poet I once knew,

In this moment now I am missing you.

Water evaporates and sand dissolves,

But my heart sings on in spite of it all.  


The ache of my wandering soul cries,

And I wish only for one last sunrise.

All I desire is to hold on tight

To my passion and fears and love this dark night.


No matter what the dawn brings,

My heart will always continue to sing.

With me I always carry the words

That I spill out on pages that yearn to be heard.


The dear poet that I once knew

Is still alive in the morning dew.

The sun always rises along with my heart,

This dear poet of mine will never depart.


It lives on inside of me,

Capturing every moment I see.

When all else is lost and fleeting,

My heart is still beating.


The words still live on,

Past the break of the dawn.

Words find a way to fail me when spoken,

But on pages my words will never be broken.


And when all else is lost,

When all my weary soul is exhaust,

My life will finish my song,

My words will live on.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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