I Am Nicole Friend

I am the mother of a child who cannot speak

I am the daughter of a soldier who lives through days like war

I am the lover of a man who has more edges than curves

I am the friend of a woman scarred 


I am the moonlight resting on rose petals

I am the brush of love on an empty canvas

I am the butterfly kisses on lovers' lips


I am the hope of a new day

I am the smell of rain

I am the ghost of the unknown

I am the wolf protecting sheep


I am the woman I am

I am the woman I will grow to be

I am the girl I was


I am the secrets and cuts and pain and tears and blood

Of a child who danced in flowers and shot out arrows

I am the wind twirling my hair

As I run through trees with mud on my clothes


I am the pages and pages of books never opened but always read

I am the lines and lyrics of music where no words were said

I am the one and the only


I am 

Nicole Friend

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