Who's that Girl

Who’s that girl?


The one who always has her hand stretched up high in the air.

Everyone knows that she has something to say, a comment, possible a question, or even a witty remark.

She is so charismatic!


Who’s that girl?!


You know, the girl who is in just about every academic club possible.

That girl with the voice so mature it captivates a whole room, unexpectedly.

The one who is always underestimated.

That girl who always has her makeup done and her clothes neat, not your usually nerd.


Who is that girl?!!


She must have it all together, she looks so confident.

Head held high as she walks down the hallway, eyes focused straight forward at all times.

 I am not confident, I just don’t let my fears over power me. I am not a natural born genius, I just work hard to understand the material I am given. I have had an unusually mature voice since I was twelve and I’ve always been self conscious about it.


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