Pardon Me

Oh I’m sorry,

Did my originality offend you?

Cuz’ last time I checked

the message was ‘be yourself’

not ‘be yourself as long as everybody else accepts that version of you’

Because, It’s a little hard to be you while trying to portray the personality modern society has given you,

So pardon me if the fact that I don’t follow trends offends you

Pardon me if I’d rather write out my soul than be on twitter all day

Pardon me if my language you can’t fathom

and you miss every word I say

Pardon me if I don’t define a line between mainstream and indie

Pardon me if I don’t understand every slang term that comes out of your mouth,

Pardon me if my being quirky stifles your “vibe”

Pardon me if not knowing everything you do is a problem for you

Pardon me if I’m afraid of getting too close

Because it seems to me that everything I do doesn’t please you enough so please,

Pardon me,

My spoken word is my own

I spit flames of truth not fantasy,

Your hypocritical laments of an imaginary life

However, you contradict yourself while I speak from my heart

Why dwell on a subject that you know nothing about?

Put it down if you can hold it,

Give it up if you can’t bring it,

Don’t like, don’t listen

Can’t handle, don’t deal

Because even if you don’t like it,

My flame is real

And my rhyme is your achilles heel

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Our world
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