Unapologetically Me


I'm me. 

And I'm not sorry.


I'm not sorry that sometimes,

I'm too honest.

But who wants to be lied to?

Not I.


Not I, who every time I see a cute guy

I must say hi

Cause I'm not shy.



I'm not who I once was before. 

Before my parents got divorced.

Once so scared to say what I want.

But now, I can't hold my tongue.


Now I do what I please,

And I don't care who watches or sees

Me being unapologetically me. 


I'll be me until the day I die,

So I never have to wonder why.

Why I didn't say hi to that guy,

Or your thighs don't need those extra fries.


I'll be me every second of the day,

And you can go ahead and walk away

If you don't want to see

Me being unapologetically me.

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