From, Me

To You,

Maybe I wasn't the best thing that happened to you.

But I did happen to you.

This was real.

I breathed and lived inside your heart, so don't you dare tell me

This wasn't real.

And I know we don't speak anymore,

But there's so much to tell you.

I have to tell you.

I got a job. I barely made money.

I quit my job. It was miserable.

I started failing my classes. You wouldn't have believed me.

I pretended like I never met you. It worked for awhile.

I'm angry at you. Because you're still pretending.

And somehow, I like to think you're the first start I see each night.

But on the cloudy nights, I wonder where you are.

Do I ever cross your mind like the first shooting star we saw that night?

There's no one left to tell me I'm trying to find the undefinable. 

And Yet,

There still seems to be a new day to rewrite the newest version of myself

And find you again when the sun erases vibrancy

And the world darkens to black.

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