There's a reason why we lie.

To ourselves and to others.

It's because we're afraid of what the truth might do.

To ourselves and to others.

We are afraid to say we're not okay, because we haven't accepted that yet.

And we don't really want to.

To lie and say that we don't know is in our nature.

Because we are afraid that if we said we did know why, we would upset someone.

We do know why we never showed up when we said we would.

We do know why we left early and said we "didn't feel good".

We do know why we pretend to be somebody we're not to get the attention of others.

We do know why we lied.

To ourselves and to others.

So it's time to tell the truth!

I never showed up because I don't really like the people you choose to hang around. They're bad for you.

I left early and not because I didn't feel well, but because I wanted to be by myself.

I pretend to be somebody I'm not in hopes that maybe someday you could see yourself with me. 

That is why I lied.

Because I couldn't stand to face the truth.

To myself and to you.

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