The Curtain or The Mask

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 22:18 -- KinzCo

I hide behind the Curtain

but People can still see

if they look hard

They will find me


I hide behind the Curtain

When I want them to know

What is bothering me

What hurts now 


I hide behind the Curtain

so those who know can assist

and those who don't

aren't pissed


I hide behind the Mask

ensuring I'm not seen

burying the hurt

harboring the hatred


I hide behind the Mask

to cover the emotions

to suppress the hate

to control the anger

to show the love


I appear happy and friendly

But my secrets of boys, money, and family

would reveal a terrible twin.


So you pick - the Curtain, the Mask, or the Me.


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