I am

I am the cold hard truth


The innocence that defines my youth


The carried weight of the two


Their love and care give me value


Though I'm not your sister, brother, aunt, niece


You make me belong and give me a sense of peace


Living in the dangerous land


The lies the deceit the pregnancy unplanned


The blood that seeps through the cracked walls


And tears that drop like rainfalls


Through the miracles that make me say "Allahu Akabar"!(God is Great!)


The dirty looks from afar


The Barakalla at weddings and the asalmaualykum at doors


Though I have never felt the pleasure the pain


The intense feelings that make me feel chained


The insecurities and late night phone calls


Makes me drape my virginity around me like a shawl


Fragile is my name and trusting is my game


Though you may treat me with disdain


And mess with my brain

These things make me who I am and I still retain


Through my writings I find solace and peace


Seeing my purpose increase


I am the mirror to my dreams and the door to my fate that opens up my reality


The sounds of pencil on paper and  scurrying feet in the hallway


The turning of each page and the laughter that comes with each chapter


The sweet smells and messy spills all over


The turning of the dial the ticking of the timer


I am what I am and what I Am is who I Am



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