Save Me


Running from the shadows, I'm lost
Finding the exit is like trying to spot
a constellation in the night sky.
Trapped in confusion
of my own consciousness.

The darkness overwhelming my body.
My heart is brittle.
Deteriorating slowly.
Save me before I shatter
like the windows during a storm.
The shrieking sound getting closer,
nails scratching a never-ending chalkboard.
Pain among my ears.

Hope for happiness begging to return.
This won't last forever.
Words that are promised.
Sorrow will soon end.

The light shining through,
cracks of the old wood floor above.
A smile emerges
upon my face.
The weight of the world
elevates above my shoulders.
The fear and anxiety disappear.
Like magic.

Imagine yourself
falling in darkness.
Seeing nothing below you.
Not knowing when you'll hit.
But all of a sudden,
you come to a peaceful stop.

The power of your life
is in your hands.
Show the world what you've got.
And save yourself.
For there are no such things as superheroes.


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