In her eyes


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It was in her darkest corner that he found her light. She lost it so long ago from this broken system of society. Trampled, beaten and abused all she knew was pain. The beauty she once seen is since long gone more of just a faded memory. He breaths life into her as though it were fire from a dragon's mouth. She thinks his faith is misplaced but all she has to do is believe in herself. She has so much to offer and yet she denies her self the liberity of her own self worth cause she can't see it anymore but he does. Lost and afraid she runs, feelings of guilt even though she's done nothing wrong. Ashamed of what she feels she's become she hides away from who she wants to become. His trust is ever lingering on the edge of broken but he knows he can't give up. He sees this light inside of her. He hears the whispers no one else can hear. He believes in her Like know one else will. He's going to love her like no one else can. He maybe just a man but his soul is deep and feels the need to rescue her. Let her know she worth it, all of it cause by days end we're all just looking for that one soul that gets tangled with ours. Making this darkness break and allowing us to see the beauty it hides that was locked away.

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