This Is Not The End


This day was coming

We saw it from the horizon

And how akward it is

Now that we can hold it in our hands


But It'll pass us by

This is just a new beginning

Because we know somewhere deep down

Inside, This is not the end;


Maybe. Just maybe we can hold

Them, between our fingers as

It slowly passes by and find some

Comfort and relief knowing you have

Touched many hearts


You have held mine

And memories through time

Time which makes you leave

And while you do,

Some of us will stay, and

Others will go


And though my voice is a little broken

I hope yours will never fail to

Go beyond your ears that see

And eyes that hear

Maybe it'll go deep in the sea

Or travel beyond despair


Or maybe, someday,

Your voice will become part of

The wind

That everyone will breathe

And love until the very last one

Because  you are now a part of the



A part of a breeze

A part of me


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