Pictures of Me

Wed, 08/13/2014 - 21:13 -- Ram93

To the reflections of me


I look to a mirror, a photograph, a song

In them I find reflections of me


In the mirror I see, 

standing looking back at me

A vehicle for my wants and desires

A beast with two eyes, unsure whether to fight or flight


In a photograph I see, 

smiling wrly or oft candidly,

A book of past dreams, sins, and merit

A figure engaged to the person I will be


In the music I listen,

to lyrics I find, 

twidling my fingers with fine twine and wine

an expression of the present, a magnificent rhythm

the beating drum of what it means to be alive


The reflections I find in my life, 

are all looking directly at me,

as I gaze upon them, 

I wonder who they see 

looking back at them.


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