Who am I?


Who am I?

Who am I? I know that I am not you but more than this is true

Here is a riddle just for you, so here is what you do—

Read this passage and guess to see who this person just might be.


A little can go a long ways, like a spoonful of sugar to sweeten up your days

Her always present smile keeps the clouds away, optimism is here to stay.

She may be short but only in stature, walk into a room and she will make her presence known

From her heart kindness is always shown.

Like the birds singing through each new day, her lips speak sweet and sassy symphonies of words

A constant barrage at times it can be a river raging or a sweet lullaby.

Long dark hair flies in the wind, the stars lingers in her eyes

She sees more than just the world around her.

In her big brown eyes dreams are just realities yet to be found

Her feet are standing on the ground but her imagination is galaxy bound.

Loyal as a fire is fierce, stubborn and hard to pierce.

She is quick to argue but fast to forgive

She can spill her heart onto a page, writing is the release for the soul.

One of a kind but you might take another look, for on second glance you see—

There is another who looks like me.

Her other half, the PB to the J

Her best friend in every way.

She loves without limits and puts her heart on the line, trusting it will be just fine.

She dances to the rhythm within, she can tell a story through the movement she makes

There is no such thing as failure just beautiful mistakes.

Her life isn’t about rewards or how much she’s done

Life isn’t a game that’s a competition to be won

It’s about making the best of each day and learning to dance in the rain.

A social butterfly she spreads her wings and urges you to fly

The world is beautiful when you aim to touch the sky.

There is a fire in her heart that will never die

Values and dreams she will never let go

Likes and dislikes that will come to and fro.

But at the end of each day she knows who she is

And she likes it that way.


So do you know who I am? Who can this person be?

She is Sarah Margarite Patterson

And she is me.




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