With out it all?

When you see that pretty lone flower you pick.

When you see the random round rock you kick it.

When you see me you see nothing different,

a pretty brown girl with long hair walking and talking like she doesn't give a single care

in the world, but thats just the vision.

Traveling to her mind is an impossible mission.

There you will find an  entirely foregin space, filled complex thought moving at a rapid pace

not stress not worry just ideas and words.  Floating around like butterflies and bees.

Calming thoughts like palm trees. But thats only when she gets her peace.

She doesn't like the outside scene.  Going to clubs and having to pretend that shes mean.

She like to read books, and study but thats boring to most so she pretends,

That she likes make up, fake nails, and girly things to fit in.

Nobody should still be a tom boy at 25. 

Wearing sweat pants is not for ladies, put on a dress, a tight one that shows a little thigh. 

Don't dare tie your hair up let it touch your back.

Do you think a man will marry a woman who doesn't put a napkin on her lap?

Not that I would care or even consider, the fact that I would marry someone who would.

I just want to live a life thats not misunderstood. 

So if you thought I was the lone flower would you pick me?

Or would you call me the random round rock and kick me?

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