Frost chose between two roads,

he chose the road less taken.

I choose neither.

As if roots grow out of my toes,

I am stuck.

Both roads look endless,

each consisting of demons and angels battling to see

who will guide me.

There is always the option to go back,

but why change the past when that is what the future

is designed for?

I still choose neither of the roads.

If I travel the taken one

my life will be replicated and translated

as many times as the bible.

I would morph into a copy of another being

and never show who I am and my potential.

If I choose the road less taken,

I face oblivion.

My thoughts will be naked and my heart will be caged.

Not feeling exposed or secure

do I try to hide in the shadows of the lifeless trees.

How badly do I want my creator

to reveal to me which road.

But in the end it is a decision made by



and only I.

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