I’m just an empty husk without You:


Striving without ever thriving,

Running hard but never arriving,

Dragging my way through life, only surviving,

Wishing I could run and hide.


Craving belonging,

Hurting, with no way of responding,

Yielding to the dull ache, the empty longing,

Fearing the knowledge that I’m dying inside.


But with You, I am whole:


Learning to really live,

Growing with the love You give,

Beginning to understand and forgive,

Finding that I’m loved.


Knowing what it is to be free,

Watching all the darkness flee,

Becoming who You made me to be,

Seeing You’re enough.


I’m just an empty husk without You,

But with You, I am whole.

You never once gave up on me.

Thank You, God—my life is full.


Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash.

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