Smoke Break

I don't want to be your smoke break

In the middle of the night, when you decide to take me out,

only for a few minutes, to eventually be burnt out again

In your ashtray of emotions


I refuse to be your afternoon drink

In the middle of the day, when you pour me out for your pleasure,

only for a few hours, to only be thrown up later on

In your bag of broken hearts


Why should I be the morning coffee

When the sunrise awakens you, when you sip me lightly,

only for a few cups, to be awake within you

In your sleepy eyes of wonder


I don't need to be your evening out

When the moon starts to kiss the sky, when you choose to show me off,

only to be shoved back into the room, to be regretted the next morning

In your blanketed bed of lies


But if I have to be anything to you,

I would like to be your sun,

so that I can brighten up your days when you are sad

I would like to be your moon and stars,

so that I can be the light when your mind is dark

I want to be your everything, not just the little in betweens,

I want to be your all right now, instead of in my dreams


-Chloe Aldecoa



This is really thoughtful - really loved this poem.

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