My Year

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 19:15 -- lilelle

“New Year, New ME”

The cliché quote that’s never true. Yet the reason for the start of MY change.


MY outspokenness is to helps others,

Not hinder them, so back off.

MY running is what calms me and lets me think,

Not something to ignore others, get off your high horse.

MY voice is mine and I’ll use it,

Not something you can take away with a mean word, think before you talk.

MY body is a runners body,

Not something to be compared, don’t judge anyone’s physique.

 *cough* society *cough*

MY way of caring is done through my whole heart,

Not obsessiveness to take for granted, try caring for someone.

MY me is who I want to be. No one else. This is my year and I’m taking it.


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