I'm Not A Cliché Blink-182 Song

I miss you.

I never wanted to admit that,

But I really miss you.

You never told me the password for the PS4

And your Sly Cooper icon is


Heh, get it?

You'd probably laugh at that if you saw it...

You're dorky like that.

Mine ended up being Coco Bandicoot.

Classic, but cute,

Just like me!

I think about you a lot.

I drove by what used to be a funeral home.

Your sister used to work there,

And you're her brother.

You have an account at Bank of America.

It's down the street from the former mortuary.

Across the street is the 21st Century Reality building.

Your mom works there.

I always liked your mom.

She's selling a house down the street from mi--

Nevermind. It just sold.

I've lost weight since you left.

No one ever feeds me like you used to.

It's really funny.

Sometimes your best friend buys me pizza,

But these days he avoids me.

I think he's a bit mad that I spent more time with you in the end...

I miss pizza,

But not as much as I miss you.

Believe me,

That's an amazing feat.

I tried to go to school on the day you left.

Your parents dropped me off and everything.

I didn't even last an hour...

I caught the next bus home and cried myself to sleep.

I've only done that once before,

When my cousin died.

The fact that I felt sad when you left truly shows that you meant a lot.

I've fallen into a melancholy again.

I've become disassociated with the world.

I'm trying to get back, but it's become difficult.

I miss reality,

But I miss you more.

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