Write It Out

confrontation scares me.

I don’t like to talk it out,

my tongue gets twisted

I hate to scream and shout,

I cant communicate how I feel

unless I write it down.

We live in a world that wants everything now,

talk it out

tell me what as wrong




Words pour out like lava

hot and hurting

they hit the page,

I know exactly how I feel

I just had to let out the rage.

I don’t really hate you,

thats just what I said.

when I was angry and hurt 

and full of resent.

Don’t force me to talk,

you wont like what you hear.

Give me a pen and paper 

so I don't hurt your ear.

I’ll sort out what I feel,

what is just anger,

and whats actually real?

Poetry is a way to work everything out

to say how I feel

to let go of the spout.


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