Call Me "Him"

Inside her body is a person thriving to come out,

Just a person?

No, a boy.

Assigned the opposite symbol on his birth certificate,

They got him in the wrong.

They named him Rachael, but that was just all wrong you see.

Instead he defines himself with masculinity because he makes him happy.

He doesn't make him cringe,

He doesn't make him wish to be someone else.

He makes him have hope in himself, to look at the mirror and smile,

To be proud,

To be whole.

Hardly anyone understands, his birth name still thrown around like it's really him,

And how he wishes he could tell every soul and still receive compassion.

So instead he goes by Rachael, but no, he screams on the inside,

That's not my name at all!

I am Reese and that's who I define as.

I am a boy trapped inside of a girl's body,

Clawing, desperate to come out.

Nobody understands behind the mask of a girl,

Nobody could ever guess.

He hopes that one day she will be he,

and people will no longer know the ghost of Rachael.

Because, simply, that is not him, and it will never be him.

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Love this a lot! This is so relatable. Going to read this poem often. Thanks!

-Fellow FTM.

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