This is Me

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 08:31 -- Crosby


This is me.

I'm broken and lost,

Uncertain and unfound,

Completely bound,

This is me.


I'm angry and depressed

Emotional and distressed.

I'm not the man I seem to be.

I'm never completely here,

This is me.


I find little pride in me.

I hate who I am,

I am no good man

I might as well be amongst the damned.

This is me.


I wish I could find rest,

Amongst the legends I wish to be.

But who am I to try and best

The men who have it all?

My intelligence falters,

My abilities lack,

My spirit is a tempest,

My looks are dull.

Who am I to be the best?

This is me.


I desire and I long

To wish no more for the steel's song.

I wish to fly above the clouds

And leave my mortal faults behind.


My Father, my God, can you help me

See what you see in me.

My best friend the one I love,

Help me to understand

How you could have ever loved me.


Abba, show me your light,

Give me wings so that I may take flight.

Dearest friend of mine, I ask of thee,

Help me to be strong again

So I may be as you wish me to be.


Teach me hope,

Teach me confidence,

Teach me love,

Teach me joy.


I need you now more than ever.

So my Father and so my friend,

Help me now in my darkest hour

Help me to be the man I can be

For this is me.



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