I am from stalks of rice plants wallowing in the rural plains

From long distance roads leading the little me home for dinner and killer summer waves pestering me every day!

From a large mango tree sheltering my small features and an abandon honeycomb seeping with sweetness

I am from my native land to a strange milieu world

From dull neighborhoods that are always distant and being confined in empty frames that are eventually lit!


I am from Jasmine’s and Rain’s branch- a blossoming flower

From paint smudge on bleak walls out of curiosity, whimsical sketches suspended on scraps, and sticky- gooey glue that is very clingy!

I am from everything will be alright and 8-beat rhythm nudging my compliant feet

From exaggerated mistakes, the beauty of imperfection, and scribbles on paper soon to be tossed!


I am from the kitchen in which sly knives slice

From cakes ready to grow and rise or brownies reluctant to let go!

I am from exhilarating sword fights with assassins, treading on calm water, and adventure time in legendary forests

From monotonous schools that couldn’t be more fun and boundless tasks from which my pencil won’t ever stop!


I am from two directions, puzzling at what’s ahead

From me, myself, and I-a very curious kid!

I am from a pawn in a chess game

From across the chessboard this animated pawn will move one-step at a time!


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