Love, You Make Me Helpless

Helpless. I can’t fight it, because I don’t know how.

It creeps up behind me and takes me down.

I want to reach out and grab a hand

But there’s no one, I’m alone again.

Just me and my guilty mind.

Eyes blind, hands tied.

I feel helpless. Not hopeless. But boy, I sure have blurred the lines.

You. You’re untouchable.



You like a shadow in the moonlight, sometimes come near.

You know my heart drops.

You know you make it stop.

You are what makes me helpless. Restless. And lost.

You are what blurs the lines of fate and reality.

You are what makes me question my own sanity.

It’s easy, to picture our life together in one piece.

But it’s easy, cause it’s a dream. It’s whatever I want it to be.

I think I love you. I love the idea of you.

If this ever worked out, nevermind why

Fate has a funny way of working

And I’m just a silly girl, with a silly dream, lurking

You. You throw everything off balance.

Maybe it’s just me. Probably is…

I’ll see…

You. You make me helpless because you make me question everything.

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