Thu, 05/12/2016 - 18:05 -- Jalabw

Once, on a broken winter's day when I had nothing left
No words to say, no power lain upon my shoulder, I wept

Silent tears of nothingness, not knowing I was home
To feel left without destiny, abandoned, isolated, alone

Truth be told I threw the pen and shattered faded walls
I made all I had to hold onto slip into withdrawl

Crash, burn, boiling rage encasing my fearful being
Claustrophobic suffocation as I claw for stars I'm seeing

I tore a hole into the beast, it laughed, regeneration
I gave myself over, darkness gripping my neck for recreation

The swell in my pocket I couldn't ignore and reached to fix up a draft--of sorries and don't be's and I love you more's not thinking of merely a craft

That's when it dawned on me that I am in charge of being my own hello-- So I dug deep inside me with all I had left and mustered out

Thunder brewed, winds grew, knives carving through
Sparks flew, guess who's lurking up behind you

And I fought with the words I never thought I had before
Claiming my identity, pushing darkness to the floor

In the corner of my eye I could see the sun shining
Birds sang, flowers danced, a new beginning unwinding

If I look in one direction though, I can still feel the frost
Because once you've gone blind, you'll always seem a little lost.

Taking each day for what it is is what the pen has now taught me-- because your hardships and my hardships mean something to somebody

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