To Future Me

Dear Future Me,


Whether you’re 18




Or lying on your deathbed,

I hope you understand that you are worth so much.


I’ve written this as a letter of sorts,

One you can read and look back at when you’re feeling down.

I could’ve chosen anyone but I chose you,

Because you need to love yourself

Before you can love anybody else.


I just have to say that I‘m very proud of you,

For what you’ve done,

For the obstacles, you’ve overcome so far,

For doing everything you set out to do,

And being who you are.

There is no one like you,

You’re unique, and no one can take that from you.


I commend all that you have done,

And who you are as a person.

For getting out of bed every day,

No matter how challenging it may be.

For powering through the day,

However bad it may have gone.

For living the life that you live,

And creating your own success story.


Whenever you feel down I hope you look at this letter

Reflect on your accomplishments,

Learn from your shortcomings,

And remember to take care of yourself.

Because in this world of full of millions of people,

There is no one like you, and I hope you understand that.


Best Wishes,

17 Year Old You Who is Learning to Love Himself.


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