I am.

I am. 
I am Ashleigh
Or so it says, I am from the Ash Tree.
I am the thousands of words written in the darkness in hundreds of other poems, some just like this
I am the photos that plaster my walls 
A glimpse into my life through the lens of my 35 
I am my best friend and her beautiful laughter 
I am the her secrets that I hold and so many others like hers 
I am the anger and the sorrow of some broken loves and tragedies 
Not just mine but my family's
I am the summer air I crave 
I am the sharpness of the winter air I hate
I am a contradiction
But I am happy 
I am a Mustang, a Charger, an Olympian and a Boilermaker
I am a literature and performing arts lover
pursuing Biology 
I am the three pairs of feet whose patter annoys me
But who belong to three boys, who's sister I couldn't be prouder to be
I am an American teenager with reckless dreams
I am more than a person
I am a galaxy
Of ideas, of hopes, of priorities, of material things
and this galaxy has no boundaries 
Is ever changing 
This galaxy is me

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