Judgement Passed From Unexplained Stories


Born to a family fighting to climb.
Searching far, nothing to in return.
         Looking back,
                  I can’t remember. 
Images forgotten, memories never kept.
Confined to white, reaching for ROY G.
Others crowd,
with happiness and joy,
        my “perception,”
                   all but a decoy.

Against my face,
nothing feels better.
Denied the suffering that presents.
        Empty pain flows though.
Salt falls only at night,
Soaking the fibers that lay so still.
Drifting away to a better place.
Darkness resides, only broken by time.
Though my fingers, slips a moments bliss.

Across the room, blinks turn to stare.
Light shines through the eyes.
       So sincere.
Anxiety catches up, halting all.
Beads roll down vertebrae by vertebrae.
       Gazed though the lens of sepia,
               hoping for a word.

The time has come,
it has been waiting all along.
        Sound so loud,
                no longer ignored. 
Puzzled by the plan and the journey is forgotten.
Hope brings new fortune.
Wind beyond the hill, clean and pure.
Laughs heard for miles,
shrouded by the call of time.
      Limbs awake,
             conscious in a state of surreal.

One piece of plastic,
freedom was ensured.
No tags, all to fast.
One teaches today, one teaches tomorrow, but always separate.
Stars rise without a care,
wondering if they do.
     Independence: optional.
            Approval: needed.

Concealed by smoke,
Hidden behind knowledge.
ABC’s are key.
Sins of a lifetime.

History repeated, mistakes made.
Different shades to focus.
What was lost, more than just a soul.
Words lost, but forever said.
Choked by a collar, restrained to a fence.

Real as ghosts,
a sight unseen.
Surrounded by bills, only one to spend.
Nothing more,
confined by society.
Handcuffed by simple words.
Easy to say, difficult to comprehend.
Judgment passed from unexplained stories.


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